Do you need immediate help? please don't hesitate in contacting me, (870)362-1219 and ask for Allen. I work with computers in a daily basis and I will be prepared to solve any issues you are having with your computer in a timely manner, my services are provided for home and business. Prices shown in this page only apply when dealing directly with a blucable agent.

Services (Home and Business)

Virus/Worm and Adware/Spyware Removal:

Generally a brute force diagnostic will be necessary to search and destroy any malicious files that you may have in your computer without altering your personal information. The diagnostic includes a very through scan with seven of the most powerful and well trusted antiviruses in the world wide web (Microsoft Security Essentials, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Ad-aware, AVG, Kaspersky, Panda and Avast). In some cases there are files that cannot be cleaned and the antivirus will force delete the file to prevent damage to other files.

virus What is included in this service?:

* Hard Drive Diagnostics
* Long term scan for Viruses, Worms, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, etc.
* Data and registry clean-up
* Recovery of any lost or infected files (if applicable/needed)
* System tune-up
* 4-hours system burn/test

Price: $39.95 (based on a 4 to 6 hours job)

System Tune-up & Optimization:

Is your computer having blue screen problems, not being able to turn on or off anymore or acting against your desires?. We have the best IT solutions to solve those problems that are making your computer to run slow or behave in ways that ruins your user experience.

tune-up What is included in this service?:

* Full System Diagnostic
* Registry clean-up
* Physical clean-up (if needed)
* Regular Antivirus Scan
* 1-hour system test

Price: $45.95 (based in a 5 to 6 hours job)

System Restore:

A full system restore will restore your computer to factory settings. The information in your hard drive will be deleted along with the file system. The operating system, drivers, and programs will be reinstalled in your computer and it will be the same way as if you just got it from the store. A full system restore will restore your computer to factory settings.

system-restore What is included in this service?:

* Full system diagnostic
* Format hard drive data, file system and partitions and re-build
* Operating system clean installation with most current updates
* Drivers installation
* Additional software installation
* 2-hour system test

Price: $49.95 Normal Restore (based on a 6 hours job) Price: $89.99 Brute Force Restore (based on a 12 hours job)

Hardware-Software Installation-Upgrade:

Hardware upgrades are available in laptops and desktops. We make your computer run an extended diagnostic to see what parts are upgradeable and we replace those parts that need upgrading. In software upgrades we either upgrade or clean install any kind of software that you are having trouble with. When you need to upgrade your operating system to a newer one we diagnose your system to make sure it will be able to handle it.

virus What is included in this service?:

* Full system diagnostic
* Upgrade of any hardware (if applicable)
* Upgrade of any software (if applicable)
* Drivers installation (if applicable)
* 2-hour system test

Price: Depends on estimate.

Data Backup & Recovery:

We recover deleted files from your flashdrive or harddrive. We also attempt to recover the file system so your storage drive is able to store information in a safer way.

virus What is included in this service?:

* Full storage drive diagnostic
* Full data back up and recovery
* Diagnostic to recover lost data
* Restoration of storage drive
* Data transfer from back up to storage drive.

Price: Depends on estimate.

The wireless/LAN network set-up for home or business has great variety of prices which usually depend on how big you want your network to be. Usually home networks have lower prices than business networks for how easy it is to set it up. If you plan on hiring blucable to set up your home or business network don't heasitate in contacting us and we will make an estimate for you free of any charge or compromise.

Here in blucable we can customize laptop and desktop computers in many ways, it always depends on what are you looking to customize, and how much you want to invest in the customization.

Call or contact us to make an apointment with a blucable agent and when you come we will decide how you want your computer built and the price will of course depend on the parts we carefully select to meet your expectations

custom lid sticker

Service Code: BC9002023A. Type of Service: Broken LCD/Screen Repair. Price: $89.99 + Part's price
Service Code: BC9002089A. Type of Service: Sensitive Data Destruction. Price: $19.99
Service Code: BC9002452A. Type of Service: Windows/MacOS X user account password recovery. Price: $21.99
Service Code: BC9002002A. Type of Service: Broken power jack. Price: $79.99 + Part's price
Service Code: BC9002062A. Type of Service: Custom web design. Price: $109.99 for first HTML page then $39.99 per extra.
Service Code: BC9002063A. Type of Service: Web maintenance. Price: $30.00/hour

Services named above are the most requested, if we have not named the one that you need in the above list, feel free to ask or contact us about your request, thanks!