Contact Requests are checked daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm Central Time. You can also call/text us to (870) 362-1219, ask for Allen.

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Before attempting to contact us for any of our services please keep in mind that you need to be very specific about the claim or request that you are about to make. Make sure to describe your computer model and specs the best you can. Keep the information clear and it will be easier for us to process your request.

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What happens next after I contact blucable?
As said above we constantly check contact requests from 9am to 4pm. Once you have sent your contact request and we get it, we review your problem and contact you back the same day. We will make an estimate and send it to you if you request one. Thanks for contacting us, if you have any other questions please e-mail us or use the contact forms provided above.