Allen A little about myself: Hello! My name is Allen, I am a very friendly and open minded person, I included a picture of me and my wife on here, I'd like to be known and let others trust me and trust others. I am the creator of blucable, and I am happy to finally see it online. I just finished a CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Assistant) Associate's program and a CIW web developing class (Basics). Currently I am planning to continue going to school to grow a little more in the technology world because this is what I love doing, and working with computers has been part of my life since I was very little and I really like it. I have been my whole life around computers, and I have a whole life experience with them.

Everything began long time ago, one day my first computer breaks down for no reason and neither I nor my family had the money to send it to a technician to be repaired. The following day my dad comes to my room and there I was with the computer in my bed which I had taken it apart completely. My dad almost gets a heart attack thinking that I had made it worse and he got really mad at me. After one hour of looking at the components in the computer (for first time in my life) I find that in the power supply there is a messed up fuse. I replaced it with a new one I found in the trash from a broken radio and put the computer together. Guess what, the computer was working again.

Since that day, I knew that I was going to be a computer technician, this is still my dream since then, and dealing with computers is something that I enjoy doing more than any of my other hobbies. I do not have a degree in computer engineering at the moment (I am working on it) or anything like that but I have a whole life of experience working with computers of many kinds.

About what I do:

I repair computers of several brands and operating systems. On PC computers I can handle Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista and Seven. I can also handle Linux computers with the Ubuntu version. On Mac computers I am very familiar fixing problems in general with any Mac OS X operating system. I fix laptops and desktop computers with the operating systems named above. I offer a great variety of services for computers that I may never end naming. I do from welding broken power ports to deleting little spy files on computers. There are never too little or too large jobs for me, I enjoy doing my job as a computer technician. Please feel free to visit the services page on this website for a more detailed view of what I do.

About our goals as a company/business:

Our main goal in blucable is to provide our customers with the best 5-star products and services. Our trained professionals will work very closely with you to determine your needs, provide the best solution to meet those needs at the best economical cost, and ensure that your device(s) are active, properly configured and ready to go before you leave the store or deploy to your field force. Our staff can provide you with everything you need to know for a great experience. Blucable will always be looking to give you exactly what you are asking for and a little more, which is one of our very main goals "Not only give the customers what they need, but what they are really asking for". Please feel free to visit the Contact Us page and call or email our staff today if you have any questions.

About the logo:

The logo is basically a buffalo with an ethernet cable tail. I designed this logo myself in Photoshop CS5 with some help (Thanks Heather), combining a very strong animal with a blue ethernet crossover cable. Trademarks are pending for this logo; this logo is property of blucable and my own. I ask you to please let me know if you would like to use the logo for any kind of product or advertising purposes. It is considered Illegal to "borrow" the logo and publishing it in another website without first asking permission to do so. Please visit the contact us page to ask permission and I will provide you with instructions on how to use it. Click on the image to contact us. Thank you in advance.

blucable's logo