slide01 Are you guys doing free estimates/checkups?
The answer is YES! we do free estimates or checkups for free on selected areas only. Please call us or contact us for some more information. We offer great deals for people bringing more than one computer for us to service them.
slide02 Will blucable be able to handle my computer?
Of course! It does not matter how old or new your computer is or what kind of brand or operating system your computer has, here in blucable all sick computers are very welcome. There are not too small or big problems for us to fix, we will make your computer as happy as yourself.
slide03 Want to make your computer look and feel more like you?
Please let us do this job for you. We also build, customize computers to your needs. We build computers for all kinds of needs, personal, school, buseness and of course for the ones who want it all, we build gaming computers.
slide04 Where is blucable available?
Blucable is available to all locations in East Arkansas and also in the whole Memphis area and surroundings. Please call us to make an appointment with us and we will be in your location very quickly depending on how busy is our schedule.
slide05 Why should I choose blucable to fix my computer?
In blucable we treat computers like a patient in an ER. We understand how quickly you need your computer and we also understand that you want the repair done in your computer to last very long. We have more than 18 years experience working with computer systems and we can handle any problems. We have very competitive prices, we are willing to give you a good price.
slide06 Did you accidentally neglect your computer?
We will bring your computer back to life by professionally replacing the damaged part and installing a brand-new one and the computer will act like nothing ever happened. We offer 6 months warranty on this particular kind of service.
slide07 Is your computer getting bluescreens or getting locked up?
Viruses and drivers that are not installed properly can corrupt files in your computer to a point that the current operating system becomes unstable. When the operating system becomes unstable, the hardware in the computer is not able to manage its functions. We have tools to automatically or manually correct problems that make your computer slow, unstable or not usable at all.
slide08 What are your prices?
On our services page we have set up a tentative list of prices. If you still think it is too expensive, come to us and let's talk about it, we are a family business and we are want to help you solve your problem the best way we can. We are trying to make a living, not a killing.
slide09 Can you guys fix my iPhone?
We now count with professional technicians who repair iPhones 3G, 3GS and 4. Anything that you need to do to your iPhone, we can handle it. First step is, go to our contact page, tell us about your problem, and we will do the rest. Thanks for visiting our website!.
slide10 Blucable en Español
Si necesitas ayuda, soporte o servicios en español, nosotros contamos con todo lo necesario para ofrecerte el mejor servicio para tu ordenador o computadora personal con precios muy competitivos comparado con otros negocios. No dudes en contactarnos si necesitas ayuda en español, estamos dispuestos en ayudarte de cualquier forma posible.
help Hello there! welcome! to blucable professional IT services for PC and Mac laptops and desktop computers in the east Arkansas and Memphis area. My name is Allen and I have been fixing computers for around 10 or more years. I am qualified to provide assistance to customers with the best solutions for any problems that they may have with their computers and with the most popular operating systems in the market(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux Ubuntu). I also build custom-built/personalized high and low end computers with high quality parts which are carefully selected to meet the most accurate system compatibility for best performance.

help Blucable is not a established business, blucable is the name I gave to this place on the internet that I created all by myself and I use the name to identify the type of work I do with computers. Blucable has been around for quite some time, but there are many years of experience that are involved with the IT services I provide. I am looking forward to offer my services to houses and businesses. In the domiciliary or business areas, I respond to phone calls and go to the address indicated by the customer in order to diagnose and repair the problem that the computer system is currently having. I can be available physically and remotely so I can best assist all kinds of issues that my customers are having as many times as necessary. Most of the test analysis are free and quotes are provided upon a thorough test analysis of the issue that your computer system is having at hand. My number one priority is to provide you with a five stars service and make your computer as happy as yourself.

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This free program provided by microsoft is what blucable best recomends to have in your computer in order to protect it against viruses and any other programs that may damage your information. For better protection, stay away from websites that the program considers dangerous, and clean your computer as soon as a virus is detected.


This is a paid antivirus software (comes with a trial). We are not very friendly with Norton Antivirus itself because it kills your computer's performance, but this software itself is as light as Microsoft Security Essentials, and it fights viruses as well, in fact, We protect our systems with both Symantec End-Point Protection and Microsoft Security Essentials.